Frequently Asked Questions

You will have one username per account, you may install ESWTV on as many devices as you would like but you may only watch it on two devices at the same time.

IPTV streaming services require high speed internet to work properly. A minimum of 20mbps is recommended for HD. 100mbps is recommended for 4k.

You can use an App called IPTV Smarters to Watch ESWTV. For the best experience we recommend using a Android Box so you can use all the features that are included. When installing directly to the Smart TV, you do not have a nice guide menu and easy categories to browse through.

We do not offer refunds once the Service is setup due to the nature of digital services which are not refundable once setup.

After your payment is processed, you will recieve an automatic email from ESWTV welcoming you our membership. Within 24 hours of this email, you will recieve a login and password. You can use this login & password to use ESWTV. Please exclude national holidays during processing time.

The $20/month subscription will bill every month untill you unsubscribe.

You will not find any discount for NitroTV online with any authorized reseller.

You may be experiencing that annoying thing called Buffering, lets figure out why that’s happening to you! Click Here.

There are over 2000 channels with ESWTV from all around the world. There may be times that a specific channel will be down, ESWTV is not perfect but it has a tremendous value for the price you pay.

EPG means TV Guide, all channels do not have a guide but most do. It may be incorrect time to time but its mostly accurate.

With the Nitrous App (the newest version of ESWTV), you can watch 4 channels at the same time. Your internet speed must be very fast in order to watch all 4 without buffering. You will also need a good streaming device that has sufficient amount or ram. Your typical Amazon Fire Stick is typically not good enough for this.

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